Ethics and transparency in our supply chain.

This store is powered by Push Entertainment Ltd.

Founded in 2005, we always hold ourselves to the highest standards and we just wanted to take a moment to explain how we work safely, ethically and sustainably.

External audits of our apparel supply chain

These garments are all made in the UK or our facility in Egypt.

Push only works with manufacturers who practice the highest ethical standards. This means that they are checked by highly respected independent companies who are leaders in their fields.

The following organisations have audited and accredited our manufacturers:

SEDEX (Ethical Trade)

Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

They check and audit manufacturers to ensure that they improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source responsibly.

Sustainable business practices include minimising water use & sourcing sustainable cotton. These practices minimise environmental impact.

WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment)

WCA addresses the following and more:

  • No Child/Forced Labor, Discrimination, Discipline, Harassment/Abuse
  • Good Wages, Benefits and Working Hours
  • A safe working environment
  • Systems that mean the workers are heard and there are continuous improvements
  • All environmental laws are adhered to

Fast Forward (Labour Standards)

Working since 2015 to tackle labour exploitation and build sustainable manufacturing in the UK.


We’re continually reviewing our packaging sourcing and recycling options to find ways to reduce the volumes and our impact on the environment.

Mailer Bags:

  • Eco-friendly alternative to standard polythene mailing bags
  • Produced from sugar cane, the greenest material on the market
  • Fully recyclable 50 micron material making it an improved environmental solution
  • Contains the same properties as standard oil derived polythene meaning no compromise on the strength or quality
  • Carbon neutral – the carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere in the growing process, offsets the carbon dioxide emitted through production and transport

Clear product bags:

Garments are stored in clear bags to keep them folded and clean while in storage. 90% of these are made from compostable potato starch. We will be 100% compositible by the end of 2021.

Small and non-textile items:

All are packaged and shipped in sustainable paper or cardboard.

COVID-19 - ensuring safe working conditions.

Our facilities in the UK conform to the following best practices to ensure a safe working environment for all staff.

Daily Temperature Checks - A daily log of the body temperatures for all staff is kept.

Social Distancing - Factory floors have been reconfigured to allow a clear two metres between working stations. Where this has not been possible, perspex screens have been built to shield workers. Masks are worn in all common staff areas